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Dr. Julie Chau LAC.


Ms Julie Chau, Chinese Traditional Medicine Doctor, is happy to share her story of becoming 


a doctor. She was born in a family which most of the members were Chinese Traditional 


Medicine Doctors, so she has a chance to participate in her family clinic since she was seven. Her 


grandfather, who was a famous doctor in the local area, and her father were dedicated to 


educate her since she was the oldest daughter in her generation. Ms Chau’s grandfather 


successfully healed lots of patients, gained many precious experiences from the cases and 


eventually invented his original acupuncture-moxibustion therapies. Ms Chau is fortunate to 


inherit the original acupuncture-moxibustion therapies as well as the family therapeutic methods 


with a long history from his grandfather.


She was graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a master degree in Chinese 


Medicine. Throughout her twenty years of being a doctor, she never stops to learn, develop and 


adopt new therapies, this makes her has healed numerous patients from different classes in 


Hong Kong. She follows the principle instilled by her grandfather, “Be a doctor with both a 


benevolent mind and heart, and saving lives is prior to everything”. Clinically, she uses external 


treatments, internal treatments and acupuncture- moxibustion to cure patients. These 


therapeutic methods are significantly effective on dealing with pain diseases, especially on 


Sciatica and Lumbago.


She is an accurate and careful doctor. She analyzes the internal and external factors causing 


the deceases from the duration of the illnesses and the health status of patients. She is a skillful 


doctor. She uses qigong to needle the points stably, accurately and smoothly. She also has a rich 


and professional knowledge on points and recipes based on different combinations of points. 


“The stimulation may be strong, but the pain is directly related to the curative effect.” said by Ms 


Chau. Because of her proficiency and high recovery rate, she is praised by her patients as “ the 


accurate one”.

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